The Botany (The part of this work is exhibit as The Archive of Botany for the collaborated work with Heleen Peeters for the exhibition:The Atlas of Peter Schlemihl.)

Set of images, 102mm by 152mm

Within the photographic history, the camera often served as tool to create an archive. As the artists who has background on photography, the artists took the opportunity to build an archive that reenacts the journey Peter Schlemihl travels to creates collaborative piece. Hereby a botanical garden represents the expedition. Just like it only took Schlemihl a few footsteps to walk from one country into another (with the seven-league boots), can one walk from a tropical climate into a Mediterranean climate when visiting the conservatories. Intrigued to experience the same voyage as the character, Matsuda in Japan and Peeters in Brussels, visited the botanical garden. The result of documenting this path became a collection of various small objects: photographic prints, pressed flowers, encyclopedia pages and glass negatives. The carefully selected pieces speak dialogue about the isolated journey of Peter Schlemihl and his existence within nature.